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The recommended way to create KB home page is via shortcodes. In this article we’ll go through the necessary steps to create home KB page.

This guide assumes you already have some articles and topics. If you don’t have content yet but still want to start from home page setup you may import dummy data.

First, you need to create a new WordPress page via PagesAdd New. Select any name you prefer and press Publish (or save as Draft). Next, using the shortcode builder icon insert the Search shortcode and Topics shortcode.

Don’t edit the settings, just click Insert shortcode, save the page and check the result for now. The page should look something like this:

Note, that since this is a regular page, it has all the elements your theme has for other pages, like title, sidebar or breadcrumbs. If you don’t need any of those, you should be able hide it via theme settings or with CSS.

Next, let’s adjust some Search settings. Go to edit screen, select the Search shortcode text and press shortcode builder icon again.

Shortcode builder will edit the existing shortcode instead of adding new. Let’s change Search theme to Thick and add more paddings:

Let’s also enable background overlay and change text color settings:

Lets save the shortcode, Update the page and check again:

As you can see the Search section has changed according to settings. Now, you can edit topics same as search.

While KB sections have settings for section title, you can always leave it empty and use WordPress editor headings.

Let’s add another topics section to demonstrate the different layout. First, insert some new line between Search and Topics shortcodes. Then, click shortcode builder icon and select Topics. Switch to List view and in Topic selector select Recent, Most viewed and Most liked. You can also reorder them in the right column using drag n drop.

Now, insert shortcode and Update the page. Let’s check the result:

Now you have a fully functional KB home page with search and two topics sections. Final step is to make MinervaKB breadcrumbs recognize this page as home page. Go to MinervaKBSettingsBreadcrumbs and select page in Custom page selector:

That’s it, you’ve created your own KB  home page.

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